Friday, February 01, 2013

Friday afternoon links and notes

There was a lot of Pac-12 action last night and a lot of day-after recaps this morning. Note, particularly, Oregon State's heartbreaking loss at Cal. The Beavers have now matched Utah's 1-7 conference record. We go head-to-head in Corvalis next week, in what may be Utah's next best chance to pick up a road win.

And amid the usual recaps comes another fantastic piece from my friend at; this time giving a first-hand account of Oregon's loss at Maples on Wednesday.

A few other notes from around the conference:

• ESPN posted its regular Pac-12 Power Rankings. Can't say I disagree much with the order -- though I'd probably swap Arizona and Oregon at the 1-2 spots.

• There was a great atmosphere at Pauley Wednesday night. The LA Times explains "All the planets were aligned for a night of Bruin buzz ... And then it happened. UCLA lost."

• You can't underestimate the damage Utah did to Washington a couple weeks ago. The Huskies (who were 4-0) have now lost four in a row. The losing streak has them in jeopardy of missing an NIT bid.

• I didn't see this earlier, but apparently Jon Wilner called the Stanford win on Wednesday.

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