Saturday, November 03, 2012

Dear Pac-12 Media: How do you like us now?

Down goes Fraser!  Down goes Fraser!

Merely one day after Utah was projected to finish last in the conference, the Utes laid a beat down on Simon Fraser, 71-36.  This sent a clear and resounding message to the Pac-12 media: we're not that bad.

Utah did everything right against the SFU Clan and basically what any good team should do in its exhibition game, namely, win by a large margin and give all the backups some playing time. Something the Utes failed to do last year against Adams State.

More on the Pre-Season Media Poll:  Utah garnered 78 points, good enough for dead last in the conference.  It wasn't even close.  But think of it this way: those 78 points divided by the number of voters (36) equals 2.167.  So since a first-place vote is worth twelve points and a second-place vote is worth eleven points, etc., it's safe to conclude the average media voter projected Utah to finish in eleventh-place.  All the sudden the poll result isn't looking so bad, eh?  And coupled with Utah's decent performance against Simon Fraser, Ute faithful can be hopeful we can climb to tenth-place, or dare I say, even ninth!

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