Friday, November 09, 2012

Utah puts its 3-3-1 record on the line tonight.

Tonight is the season opener.  After four games in Brazil, a public scrimmage, a "secret game" against Montana State and an exhibition game against Simon Fraser, tonight's game is the first one that counts.

But let's be honest: Willamette is really just another exhibition game.  In fact, even the Bearcats consider it as such.  And as it so happens, Willamette competes in a lower division (D-III) than our actual exhibition opponent Simon Fraser (D-II).

Winning tonight is a foregone conclusion (there -- I said it!).  The only point of the game is to let the team show the crowd and TV audience what they hope to accomplish one day against quality competition.

Mark it down: Utah will win by 50+ points.

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