Thursday, December 06, 2012

This is starting to get interesting.

We blasted Boise State last night, plain and simple. DuBois, Loveridge, Dean, Washburn and Martin put on a scoring clinic. Meanwhile they held Boise waaaaaay below their season point average. Their leading scorer, Derrick Marks, slowly landed himself in foul trouble in the first half, which may have inhibited his intensity in the second half. And their other main threat -- the vowel-deficient Australian, Anthony Drmic -- showed himself to be a total headcase. He even headbutted one of our guys as the game continued to slip away from the Broncos in the second half.

As for our performance: I really like our depth and rotation. And I LOVE seeing Washburn coming off the bench. Over the last few games he has played worthy of a starting spot (especially as Bachynski's productivity has declined). But I still prefer him in the backup role. The "sixth-man," if you will. It just works so well. He was a force during his 24 minutes last night, going 6-6 from the field and pulling in 6 rebounds.

Finally, I must mention my favorite MUSS chant targeted at Boise State last night: "Big West Conference *clap* *clap* *clap-clap-clap*"

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Rick Majerus was in fine form last night. We chatted briefly before the pre-game memorial, then he descended to the court to watch the game on the sideline. Before long he was exhibiting his usual game-level intensity.

Then midway through the second half, he sat back and appeared to simply enjoy the atmosphere. I failed to catch up with him afterward; wasn't sure if he left the building or followed the team into the locker room. In any event, I hope to join him for another game at the Huntsman Center soon.

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT:  The uni-watch blog makes mention of the Rick Majerus memorial patch that was handed out to fans in attendance last night. Also mentions similar promotions at Saint Louis and Marquette.

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