Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekly Pac-12 Rankings

Just one change from last week.

1 Arizona (8-0) | Last week: #2: Big time win on Saturday completes their ascent to the top of these rankings. I guess it's fair to expect them to win the Diamondhead Classic in Hawaii this week.
2 Oregon (9-1) | Last week: #1: Oregon's resume can't compete with what Arizona did on Saturday. But it's still very good. The dominance shown against Nebraska has them firmly established in second-place.
3 Oregon State (7-2) | Last week: #3: Beavers stay in third with two wins against lower mid-majors. Besides, no one else is exactly challenging for this spot.
4 Arizona State (9-2) | Last week: #4: I expected the Sun Devils to beat DePaul. It was a good opportunity to get a win against the Big East. I guess we'll have to settle for just a win against the Ivy League (Dartmouth).
5 California (6-3) | Last week: #5: In the midst of a three-game skid against three good teams. They need more reliable production out of Wallace, Kravish and Solomon because Allen Crabbe will go 6 for 26 once in a while.
6 Colorado (8-2) | Last week: #6: An ugly win against Fresno State isn't enough to move them up in these rankings.
7 Stanford (7-3) | Last week: #7: Stanford is a big mystery to me -- mainly because they were out of action for nearly two weeks. Aaron Bright shot 3 for 13 from the field against UC Davis on Saturday. Other than that, he appears to be healthy again. They have a chance to move up this week when they travel to take on NC State.
8 UCLA (7-3) | Last week: #8: Holding firm in eighth place with a landslide victory against Prairie View A&M.
9 Utah (6-3) | Last week: #9: The only Pac-12 team that didn't play this week. School comes first, you know!
10 Washington State (7-4) | Last week: #10: Easily handled Jackson State, which is more than some can say (see #12).
11 Southern Cal (4-6) | Last week: #11: UC Riverside in no quality win by any means. But at least the Trojans' losing streak is finally over.
12 Washington (6-4) | Last week: #12: Two wins this week, so that's good. But they made winless Jackson State look pretty good on Saturday.

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