Wednesday, January 02, 2013

It's go time.

This is it. Conference season has finally arrived.

The film has been studied. Gameplans are laid. Lineups are set.

We've been watching these teams gel for months. Understand their style. Know their strengths and weaknesses. Shared the highs and lows of the non-conference experience.

But no longer are we compelled to cheer for our Pac-12 brethren "for the good of the conference."

It's go time.

And tonight it's Utah versus Arizona State. The Utes versus the Sun Devils. Dean and DuBois versus Felix and Carson.

And last but not least . . . . . Bachynski versus Bachynski, part I.

+ + +

Here's a few notes I dug up in anticipation for the opener tonight. Nothing ground-breaking; but it should help hold us over till game time.

• From Doug Haller at the Arizona Republic: Brotherly love not in play for Bachynskis.

• From Tony Jones at the Salt Lake Tribune: Utes face tough Pac-12 opener.

• From Bill Reily of ESPN 700 for the Deseret News: U. basketball team ready to be tested.

• From Dirk Facer at the Deseret News: The brothers Backynski.

• From Kelli Anderson at Sports Illustrated: The Brothers Bachynski ready to meet in Arizona State-Utah faceoff.

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  1. Right on, right on, right on. Fur flying and dogged defense will win this game for the Utes!! They are ready for this debut and will rise to the occasion.